LeadGen Direct Makes Your Phones Ring

Every business owner must solve the problem each month of how to generate new business. The answer to this question is never easy. It usually involves weighing many different marketing channels as options.

  • SEO? PPC? Email Marketing? Radio? TV? Print?
  • Then you have to consider if the cost is even worth it!
  • How many new customers do I need to break even?
  • Which one will provide the best return on my investment?
  • How long of a contract must I sign to see if this will work for me?

Well, forget weighing all those options because the solution is now simple! Let LeadGen Direct handle all the risk and hassle of running these marketing campaigns! This lets you focus on what you do best, selling your product or service to new customers.

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Motivated Leads Connected Live to Your Sales Team

What if you could get high quality motivated leads connected live to your sales force? LeadGen Direct has made it our mission to provide live leads for local businesses. 90% of our leads come in transferred directly to your sales staff and they are ready to talk with you! We have many lead generation assets such as high ranking websites that we have created in a large number of local business verticals. Investing hundreds of thousands of dollars so you don’t have to! This means we have live customers calling every single DAY wanting a good provider for their needs. From roofing & siding in the construction niche to dental services. Remember – these leads are live and exclusive for you!

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Exclusive to your industry for your City

One of the biggest problems with purchasing leads from other companies is they give you a lead while also giving your competitors that same lead. By the time you talk to them they have been called so many times the last thing they want is to hear from another provider. You also end up getting into a bidding war, cutting your margins. Well, we have solved that. We look for the best provider in a market and give them 100% of all leads generated with our assets. This means you aren’t competing against 5 other competitors at once! The customer is actually excited to hear you answer the call since they are the ones who called YOU! This is permission based marketing at its finest. What other marketing channel provides live leads ready to get a quote instantly?

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No Risk and No Long Term Contract

It can be nearly impossible to find a marketing channel that doesn’t require a commitment in money and time from your business. That is why we made LeadGen Direct a no brainer for local business. There is no contract and you only pay for the leads we generate. Can you think of a single other marketing initiative that can boast the same?

Each Lead is Screened for Quality

LeadGen Direct does not just make the phone ring! We actually listen to each and every single call that comes in to ensure these are quality leads you are paying for. All calls are recorded so you will get a report each month detailing exactly what you paid for and you can listen to these calls at any time. This allows you to better manage your business as well as ensure your sales team is closing deals!

Do you hate solicitors calling you trying to sell you their services instead of you doing the selling?

Well, we do! So when this happens from any call that we generate, the phone number instantly goes on a blacklist to ensure you do not hear from them again! You also are never billed for a call that is not a real customer wanting information from you. The end result is laser targeted live leads exclusive to you!

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Are You a Good Fit for LeadGen Direct?

All of this does come with a caveat though. Because we only do business with one partner for each city per an industry we have to make sure we will work well together. This means we vet all of our partners to ensure they meet a few requirements.

  • Do you have a dedicated sales force to answer a large volume of calls from new customers?
  • Does your business have the infrastructure to handle 50 to 200 new customers a month?
  • Do you have the drive to grow your business and be a leader in your city’s industry?

If this answer is YES then we should talk further
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